WordPress step by step

Go on wordpress.org and download WordPress as shown below. Fill up all the required information.

Enter the name of the site which you are going to create in WordPress. After you filled up all the rest of the administrative information click on Install WordPress. If installation being successful you will get this:

From now on logging into your website will we through the WordPress log-in page. Logging in will take you straight to your website Dashboard.

WordPress log-in page


As we said, Your website Dashboard will be the first screen you will be logging to. From here you are going to run and control everything concerning your website. Everything you will do on your website will start at left menu of options. Don't think twice and use WordPress blogs and tutorials. They know the best and they have a great customer support.

At the top of the menu, you will see the Dashboard. The Dashboard itself is customizable so you can choose how your workspace will look like every time you are logging in. You can also Update all plugins and add-ons that are installed on your WordPress. The Posts tack will present you the list of posts you already published. This is where you adding new posts. The exact same thing goes with the Pages tab.

You can manage your comments and Users.

Under Plugins, you will be able to search and download plugins and add-ons that you will need for running your website. Some of the plugins will help you manage your newsletters by mail and some will help you make your website looks better. Plugins such as SiteBuilder or Pricing table will bring your website to a different level.

With the Appearance tab, you will be able to manage almost everything on your site. The Footers, Menus, Categories, and Widgets. You can choose your website theme and change some of its basic elements such as the look of the menu, its location, and content.


Website Dashboard


Your next step will be choosing the face of your website. Choosing a theme that will present your website to the world should be a fun thing. Don't let yourself go too deep with the thousands of themes available for you as WordPress user. It is the endless list of themes that will confuse you and there will always be something that will look better. There are thousands of free options. Don't get me wrong, you should put a lot of thoughts into that. Just make sure not to carry this stage forever. Think of your niche. You will need something that will present your niche the best way possible. Each theme caters to a different market and so your theme should complement the content of your website. Offering special deals to the Caribbean and writing blogs about camping equipment should have a totally different look.

WordPress is Customizable and you will be able to customize plenty of options available. Once you chose your theme play with it a bit and make the necessary adjustments.



Few important things to remember while searching for the right theme. Each theme has its own tutorials to guide you through. Use them. They are simple and easy to follow. You are building your own business with a limited budget. They are simple and easy to follow. they are designed to help the beginners.

Once you picked the theme that to define the look and feel of your website or blog, make sure that it not only looks good but also that it is practical for your purposes. some WordPress themes that look really great can actually make your website incredibly slow. No one likes slow websites. Not us as users and not Google as a search engine. Google prefers to rank faster websites in a higher position. Don't forget that you are a beginner. Learn and practice. Many WordPress themes come with lots of colors, complex layouts, flashy animations, etc. Start simple and grow with it. You can always change themes in the future. Concentrate on your content and on building deals, not on technicalities. At least not at your first website page.

Customize your Theme

  • Header: Tweak the look of the header and background. You are able to choose the text and image you want to use at the top of your page. Appearance ~ Header (on your Dashboard).


  • Widgets: Using Widgets allows you to add content and images and other elements such as sidebars, footers, menus and more. Go to Appearance ~ Widgets.


  • Menue: Create Menus as you need. Make each menu for a group of pages that are alike to help your users to navigate your website easily. For example, you may locate your administrative menu (About Us, Sign Up, and Terms)  at the top of the page and a special location deals on the side of the page.  Appearance ~ Menus.


  • Real Time Edit: If you will go to Appearance ~ Customise, you will be able to do all changes with real-time preview. that saves a lot of time as your other option is simply go to the Publish window at the top right side of the dashboard and use the Preview bottom and wait until it will refresh the page.


  • Add Post/Page: Creating new Post or new Page is pretty much the same process. There are few minor differences between them but creating, designing and administrating them are mostly the same. For adding a post go just under your Dashboard tab to Posts. For a new page go further down to the Pages tab. With both options, you will get to see the Create New bottom at the top of the page window.
  • Publish a page/Post: After creating the PAge/Post and filling it with content you may save it as a Draft for future corrections and you may go ahead and Publish it.

That's it. Your first page/post is on the web. Your new page/post is now out in the open. With good SEO and traffic will start to flow in.. If they will stay and generate revenue for you it all depends on your content. The deals you are offering or the accessories you are recommending are only part of the game. Their job is to create the conversions. The content of the page/post will bring them to your webpage/post in the first place.

Remember Content = Traffic while Attractiveness = Conversionss


Next, we are going to look deeper into how to create a new post on your website to understand better the posts screen.

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