It takes time and effort!

There is no question that if you made it to here by signing in and becoming a member of our Wealthy Travel Maker community than you are definitely interested in becoming an Online Travel Agent.

Days from now you will understand how it all works and how to become an online travel agent. You will understand better what interests you the most, how to choose a niche and even how to build your own platform.

Not everyone can do this. You need to understand few things before you are going to start with all of this. In this first stage of classes, we are seeding the seeds of our own Online Business. 



  • Introduction to Wealthy Travel Maker
  • Online Marketing
  • Market Potential
  • Introduction to the Travel Industry - Part A
  • Introduction to the Travel Industry - Part B
  • Introduction to the Travel Industry - Part C

At first sight, it might look a lot of information to learn but don’t worry it is only at the start of things. Stick to the course stages and you will have nothing to worry about.

The days of finding a good vacation while window shopping are over. There are less and fewer travel agencies on the main street and more and more home/office agencies.

The Business Model

  • For what we get paid?
  • What do we sell?
  • OTAs vs Aggregate Search Engines
  • Conclusion

The business model and some basic information as to the different types of travelers, and the different types of products we can supply our customers. One of the things travelers really need is information. They will want to know not only about places to be or visit but also about our impression from the site, event or attraction. Every traveler will need some kind of accessories for his travel and over here you will find yourself in a very wide online marketplace.

Let's get Started

  • Finding a Niche
  • Traffic
  • Keywords
  • SEO

In this part of our journey, we are going to touch all the great stuff of how we are actually going to do that. This part is going to be more exciting as we are going to be more practical and going to erect the foundation of our future income.


  • Building a platform
  • Google Analytics
  • Good Luck!

If you want to build an online business such as a travel agency you will need to choose a platform. With Google Analytics you will be able to increase sales but mainly minimize marketing efforts by focusing on what is important and profitable. Search and learn the most that you can so everyone will be able to call you an Online Travel Agent!

We would love to hear from you.