SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If we want to get the best quality free traffic than we have to make it SEO ready so search engines will find it and customers will see it. My suggestion is to concentrate on Google as the main search engines to target your SEO as Google owns over 60% of all search engines traffic. If you are aiming to mobile users than Google owns more than 90% of all searches over there.

So SEO (Search Engines Optimization) is the process of getting free traffic from organic or natural search results on search engines. Website pages are ranked based on what the search engines consider as most relevant to users.

A good SEO is a bundle of elements. No single SEO factor will ensure high search engines ranking. Using great keywords alone will do nothing if the page has low-quality content. It might even harm your ranking as Google will understand that there is nothing on your site. Google will examine multiple elements concerning your website as they understood that some publishers tried to make themselves seem more relevant to the users than they are in reality.

SEO is very important to search engines if they want to improve search results. If the Search engines will not bring the users what they are looking for they will move to another search engine. The list of factors influencing SEO is long. Here we are going to discuss the 6 most relevant elements. If you will bring those six elements into your website SEO you will do great. Generally speaking, SEO elements can be divided into two separate sections. On Page and Off Page elements.




If you are writing a blog about a nice place to visit than make sure to write at least 1200 words. Google examines the time your visitor is spending on your site to determine how good your content is. If your content is not relevant and interesting than they will leave your site and Google will see that. Using a video at the beginning of the post/blog usually makes the users stay longer. 1 min of interesting relevant video together with the time they spend on your site anyhow will bring you to a good starting point.

It is highly recommended to use the different freelance platforms to produce this video. there are plenty of them out there but the one I want to recommend you here is Fiverr. Fiverr is platforms that connect you as a business owner with freelance professionals that will help you build your own line business. Not all of us are graphic designers, knows how to design s logo, write scripts, animated videos etc.

Using Fiverr will make your life much easier for as low as 5$ per gig. Sometimes one gig is enough sometimes more. You enter into a short negotiation with as many freelancers as you want. The freelancers at Fiverr are rated by previous customers so it makes it simpler for you to choose the right job. For as much as 5$ you can create your own logo and you won't need to bother with it again.

So write good relevant and quality content. Try to make it as interesting as you can so visitors will stay longer on your site. Deliver them what they were looking for.



Use the main keywords you are aiming to on your page/post title. Make sure it appears (not more than three times) in the first and second paragraphs. Don't just put them anywhere you feel like. It must be relevant to the content in the rest of the paragraph. Incorporate your keywords correctly. Don't overuse them.


Meta Title and Meta Description:

They plays a significant role in on-page SEO. Those two helps the Search engines to understand better what your page is all about. With Meta Title and Meta Description search engines know how to index your website pages accordingly for relevant keywords and phrases. 

Meta Title gives users a quick insight into the website content. This is the primary piece of information that will determine whether visitors will click on.

Meta Description appears in the search engines results under your website headline. It is a brief description for the use of both the search engines and the users to understand better what they should expect to get once they click through to your website. Don't use more than 60 characters as you want to keep it effective. Too much information might cause users to move on.  However, you can use up to 150-160 characters if you want to.

It is highly recommended to use Call for Action words and phrases in your Meta Description. Words and phrases such as "read more", "Sign up for free newsletter", " book today" and so on. It is great if you can give the user's value proposition such as "free" or "Last min Offer". Use capital characters to emphasize important words.




Links that are directed to your website. They are important for achieving good SEO because search engines, especially Google will pay more attention to websites that have quality backlinks. They will consider your website as more relevant for a search query. Backlinks simply help your site become more popular on search engines. However, Google looks into the backlinks to determine their relevance and quality. 


Social Media:

Social Media is one of the most important factors for your website SEO. You can improve your SEO by creating social engagements. Social engagements such as shares and likes define the quality of your content. Dealing with social media is completely belongs to another section. Still, there is a certain thing to be done on your website concerning social media if you want your social activity to be productive. 

Use social feeds and social widgets on blogs and posts to encourage social sharing. Include your social links wherever naturally possible. Don't forget to do the same the other way around. Make sure that your social pages are linked to your website. Try as much as you can to write shareable content. If your content is shareable than you are on the right track.

Those days people tend to start their search for a nice vacation using the social media platforms. It is a great way to bring traffic to your website for free!



Comments and Feedbacks:


Users leaving comments and feedback is a great way to show Google that there is user engagement on the website. A good online directory presence and positive customer reviews can bring many new customers to your website.


As I said at the beginning of things, there are plenty of elements that will influence your SEO, but if you will implement those six things you will do good. If you want to achieve first-page ranking and by that to get the free high-quality traffic you must invest some of your time in your website SEO.

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