it is a simple form of advertising online in which we are embedding an advertisement into a web page. As opposed to text advertising banners, in their visual nature, promotes through a display of an image, graphics motion graphics and videos. It can be static or animated but they both have the same purpose. They both want to make the user clicking on it.

As you can understand, banners are intended to generate traffic to your website by clicking on it. You can place your banners on specific websites any by that targeting your audience better. Depending on your niche, you will have to find out where it will be logical to place banners.



Let's say you are placing your ski vacation package banner at the vacation section of the Yahoo Travel site page. would it make any difference if you will place the same banner at Travelist portal under Ski in Europe category?

Don't worry if you don't know how to create a banner. You don't need to! The Affiliate Programmes and the Affiliate Networks will supply you the banner with your personal affiliate link. All you will need to do, after picking the banner you want, is to place it on your site or to buy advertisement space on another website. 

Promotional articles:

The main purpose of promotional articles is to bring the best quality of traffic we can get. there are plenty of portals that have a sperate section for publishing promotional articles and just like banners they sell those spots. 

Let's say that you want to have a low competition and so you are looking to build a package deal for a new destination with low travel volume. A promotional article about the great improvement of the local economy and how it improved the tourist industry in this country may be a great article to place on an economy or business portal. A week of a 4wd touring package in Slovenia may be placed on a variety of niche portals. It should be great to place it on a 4wd internet magazine and on magazines targeting men only. from both, you will get nice traffic. where is the best place to place it will depend on your title and content and by the time you will learn by yourself from where you get the best quality traffic. Traffic that converts! 


A good idea will be to write a post and to place it on your site and to link the title of you promotional article directly to your website. That's how you get both. Your website will get traffic for organic searches (if you did a good SEO) and from publishing your promotional articles on other portals. 

When writing a promotional article you better keep those rules:

keep it short: No more than 500 words. Try to keep it less. 

Stay catchy: Grab attention with a great title or headline. Usually, your audience is those who either know little or sometimes even nothing about what you are promoting.  

Be exiting: Be excited but make sure not to get excessive. Sometimes a negative title will do a great job of bringing a high quality of traffic. 

Get your facts right: Most people understand that you are promoting something, so in most cases, they will start reading with skepticism and some doubts as to your motivation. Brining wrong facts will turn people off and make them leave and never come back. 


It is a promotional article but sometimes you want to give it a feel of a non-promotional article.  How we do that? 

  • Try not mentioning your website name or business name. 
  • Highlight both, the positive and negative
  • Use terminology and phrases that your audience will understand
  • Keep it simple
  • Never strike your competitors.



Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, google+, YouTube:

Here we get into a separate world of online communication channels dedicated to social or community-based users. 



Facebook: A free social network with a very high volume of users and traffic. According to few statistics and researchers, internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website.  However, indicators show that Twitter and Instagram are overcoming it. 

Twitter: Allowing registered members to broadcast short posts called Tweets. 

Google+: This platform designed to cover the way people interact offline. It is a product that belongs to Google and so if you are intending to get your traffic with good SEO then you should invest some of your time in creating a Google+ account. It is only reasonable to assume that Google will pay more attention to whats happening in Google+ as they have both, the interest to do so and the resources for executing that intention. 

Pinterest: This platform allows the sharing and categorized images easily. Pinterest is a great platform for advertising accessories.

Instagram:   It is a social media that helps us sharing photos and videos from our smartphones. Just like in the other social networks, every Instagram account has its own profile and feed. Posting the write photos and/or videos will bring you high traffic in no time. Just be attractive.


As an overall, if you are planning to get a free high-quality traffic for free then you should create accounts on each and every one of them as the search engines algorithm constantly examines the interaction between those social networks and your website. High interaction will tell the search engines that there is a big interest on your website from all around. In that case, Google+ is a must.


Google AdWords is an online tool that helps us to advertise our site to a very specific targeted audience. We, as advertisers, are paying to display our product to web users. There is two way in which you can use AdWords for advertising:

  • "Search Result": It allows us to place our website at the top of the search results page and increasingly look more and more like organic results. Of course, you are not going to be the only website wanting to advertise under certain keywords and phrases. You will have to bid on how much your willing to pay for every time a searcher clicks on the ad (PPC - Pay Per Click). Every bid will specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click
  • "Placing Banners": It allows us to place banners advertising our site on other sites. Same as with "Search Results" you are going to pay for every click - PPC.

Creating an Adword account is completely free and easy. 


YouTube is a search engine that stands for itself like any other search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing but keeps in mind that YouTube belongs to Google and because of that Google pay attention to whats happening in YouTube. It is in just obvious that you will find Youtube on the Google first page results. 

It seems that those days it is necessary to use video marketing.  People love watching videos. They prefer this on reading. Don't worry, we are not in the commercial production business. As we said all along, there is a certain point where we will have to make an investment decision. YouTube is one of them.  There is no need to dive into Youtube before you have your site ready but it is recommended to consider using Fiverr or any other platform alike. 

Fiverr is a very successful platform that can help us build our business while keeping costs low. How low? well depends on you but they start at 5$. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig and Gigs starts at 5$.

You can find there almost everything you will need. You can find there someone that will write you a script and even make for you the video you want to place on your website and on your YouTube channel. You might find yourself spending more than 5$ on a job but it is truly recommended to think how Fiverr or any other alike can help your website look better and more attractive.  As we said you can find in Fiverr almost everything you will need for your site such as your own unique logo. If you want to save time and concentrate on running your business than you will be able to use it to build your whole website. It is the world's largest marketplace for professional creative and digital services. Signing up for Fiverr is free and only registered users can buy and sell on this platform. 

YouTube is a search engine for itself and if you get to rank high on YouTube than make sure that your video is effective by converting viewers into visitors. There are three things you have to do if you want this to happen:

  • Tell your viewer exactly what to do ("visit my website")
  • How to do it ("click on the link")
  • Why doing so ("get a coupon" "get the relevant information") 

Use the description box! To turn your video’s description box into a traffic-getting machine here’s all you will need to add a 5-6 word call to action at the beginning together with your website URL ("Find more discounted package deals:").

Another feature that is important to use is the call-to-action overlay button. It is a simple banner on the lower third of your video. You have a full control on this banner and it takes few minutes only to set it up. Not using this function is simple leaving valuable quality traffic outside the door. 


So keep in mind that to Have a YouTube video containing quality content in its description are with a link to your website will help your ranking on Google. You are now your own boss and such you will have to take some decisions along the way. Using Fivver yes or not will be one of them and it can be very cost-effective.



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)– Its Free!!!

The main purpose of attracting traffic through using the right keyword by finding our best niche means we are in the business of SEO. We do all of that work in order to get the best quality traffic for free. It is the process of attracting traffic from organic search results. Be relevant as the search engines will rank your website based on what they consider most relevant to users. 

Be aware that using SEO will never put you as a first result as this position is saved for paid search ads by using AdWords for example.

SEO really means attracting traffic who are interested in products that you offer on your website. It is much better to have 10 quality visitors that one of them will buy one of your products rather than ten thousand visitors that will buy nothing. Still, it is very important to try and get as much traffic as possible. The quality of your traffic is important but the more traffic is better. 

Using SEO technics is great as it brings a free quality traffic to your website but it is not that simple. there are things to learn about the factors that influence the search engines algorithms to think your website is relevant to the user. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as the activity you have on your site, do people tend to take action once they visit your website, the quantity, and quality of links directing traffic to your domain, the quantity of content on the website and whether you are publishing content on a regular base and plenty more. 

All you have to understand at this point is that SEO is a great technic to attract the best quality traffic and for free. Use Jaaxy to have an easy start. Jaaxy will help you understand better how to this excellent organic traffic. Jaaxy will supply you all the information you really need.  

Other ways - TV, Local Newspaper:

In this course at Wealthy Travel Maker, we are going to talk and learn about online marketing only. Television commercial production and local newspaper advertisements are out of our discussion at this point as we are trying to build an online business from scratch and with very limited resources. 

Because it is simple and easy to attract traffic by investing capital in AdWords and such we will concentrate on how to attract organic quality and free traffic. Next, we are going to understand better what are keywords and how to use them correctly. Using the keywords the right way will help you achieve two things. High-quality traffic as organic results and narrowing our niche are two main reasons for understanding keywords better so let's move on. 

We would love to hear from you.