Why we need traffic?

Just building a website or even only writing a blog post and putting it on the internet does not mean that anyone is going to read it. If it will not show up as a first-page result on Google, Yahoo or Bing than in most case no one will find it.

It doesn’t really matter if you rank page 13 or page 3 on the search engine as most of the people tend to concentrate on first page results only. If they did not find what they were looking for then they will most likely think that they have to refine their search.

The success of your business depends on good quality traffic that converts. Traffic that does not convert is not a quality traffic. Remember that. Every site needs to attract visitors that will generate sales. At the end of the process, after you will do your research, find your niche, build your website, if you will attract no traffic or just a low quality of traffic than your website and business will not survive.

1. More Traffic – more revenue

High traffic is important as it is most probably that the more traffic your site will get the more revenue you will make. Even if your conversion rate is low it can result in great revenue. One of the first things you should do in order to bring your site to life is to constantly improve your site traffic.   

2. Organic Quality Traffic – more conversions

It is crucial to target the right keywords in your content if you want to attract a high volume of visitors. The right keywords are those keywords that people will type in the search window. Remember, If no one is searching for the keywords you are targetting, then none of them will find your site.

3. Sign up page – allowing long-term marketing

In many cases, the signup page is the conversion you were looking for. It is the place where prospects navigate after they have decided that the service they will get is what they need. It is a short form and most of them are build the same way, featuring nothing more than a title or headline, few fields such as e-mail address and a call-to-action bottom. To generate a lot of signups there is a need to minimize the steps required for registration. Having a list of members you can now keep a long-term relationship with them. A higher rate of conversions comes from returning customers.

However, there are plenty of other ways to get traffic to your site apart from having a high SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will lead to high ranking in the search engines.

Most if not all of those ways to attract traffic to your website will cost you. Some will be expensive but others not. Good SEO that leads to high ranking will produce you free high-quality traffic. Actually, there is no better traffic than that one.

We will touch some of the methods that will help you to get traffic to your site including, of course, the organic traffic that comes as a result of a good SEO. There are several things you can do in order to increase your website traffic but at the core of a good SEO, you will find that the most important of all is high-quality content. If you will make sure to add new quality content on a regular basis your SEO will improve dramatically. Don’t worry we will get to that further in the lesson and we will discuss them all.

After we get traffic we will want to monitor it. After traffic is streaming in we want to understand better from where that traffic came from and how it converts. 

There are plenty of tools you can use in order to do that. Google Analytics is great for small and medium-sized websites and will provide you with everything you need to know about your website. It is a great tool to start with and it is free. 

What Google Analytics is doing basically is generating detailed statistics about activity on your website. It gives you an enormous amount of information about who visits your website, how they found it, what they were looking for, what keywords were used by visitors in search engines and so on. An enormous amount of information with a very easy interface to work with. Completly friendly user.

Setting up a Google Analytic account is simple and easy and takes three steps only:

  • Create an account: Go to Google Analytics  and create an account
  • Set Up your Account: In this next stage you will need to set up your new Analytics account to track your website. Don't worry, Analytics will walk you through. 
  • Set Up your Tracking Code: This is a unique code that is placed on your website.


It is all simple and easy. However, we will get back to it after we will build our website. For the meantime, all you need to know is that you have some great tool to monitor the traffic on your site. Some of those tools are great and free such as Google Analytics.


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