So by now, we came across everything you should know about how to create not just an online travel agency but actually any online business you can think of.

Stage 1: Understanding our Business

You first made a search for your NICHE with relevant KEYWORDS associated with it. After making the relevant RESEARCH about the industry surrounding that niche we made up our mind as to which products we want to concentrate on. We saw that there are endless Affiliate Programmes and Affiliate Networks that can supply us the products we are about to promote. If it is a flight, hotel, car rental or any other product that will help your customers building their trip or vacation.

On the other hand, we understood the significant change in recent years with the rais of the online marketing that makes it possible for us to promote almost everything we can think of. We now can promote cloth, all types of equipment, gadgets, information, Apps and so on together with the vacation package.

Stage 2: Becoming Practical

In this stage, we built our Platform using WordPress. We optimized it for better SEO. However, we learned that there are plenty of other ways to get high-quality traffic. We can do it for free not only by achieving first-page ranking. We can and should use all Social Networks (Google+. Facebook, Instagram and so on). We can use Google Adwords for generating clicks that will lead relevant visitors to our website.

Stage 3: Maintenance

Using Google Analytics to understand what we are doing good/bad in order to decide what to do next and how to maintain our website as a relevant resource for our visitors. If you want to grab attention than be creative, but at all times make sure you are delivering accurate and quality content. If you will not do that you will be out of business in no time.

Here at Wealthy Travel Maker we constantly adding new posts and expending our content. There are so many things you can learn and plenty of hints that will help you boosting your website. We just gave you the right tools to make your take-off easier. Don`t forget that we are all here to help you. Leave a comment, write a mail, ask a question and our team will try to help you as much as we can. Search and learn the most that you can so everyone will be able to call you an Online Travel Agent!

We would love to hear from you.