what else can we sell

Apart from transportation, hotels, and car rentals, there is a whole world of online business and products that we can benefit from. In many cases, we will make greater income from them than from the original trip we arranged them at the beginning. There are things that only your creative mind will take you there for example:

  • A dictionary
  • A mobile App for transportation timetable
  • Appropriate clothing and accessories (ski suits, swimming suits, boots…)

We will try to give you a list of ideas as for what is obvious, but you may and should add to your list all relevant and potential products that will most probably be at your customer interests.



Whether you are a business traveler, a backpacker or just going on a family vacation there is one thing you will need for sure and that is a travel insurance. There are many types of travel insurances such as medical coverage or a simple coverage for your personal belonging. Because the insurances laws and regulations differ from one country to another and because of its complicity many online travel agents prefer not to deal with any type of insurance. If you feel that this niche is something that you can manage properly than you have a great niche with a probably limited online competition. Of course, if you will run a simple search on google you will find plenty of competition and insurance advertisings and proposals. But remember, you are fighting for a keyword! And if you will find the right set of keywords than you most probably face minimal competition.



As with insurance, every traveler will need some kind of accessories for his travel, but as opposed to the insurance broad niche, over here you will find yourself in the widest online marketplace. If you thought that you are going to sell airline tickets and family vacations you are wrong. A blog about a wonderful castle at the hurt of Europe may end with directing your customers to find clothes or even gadgets. You may be targeting people that showed interest in a specific archeological site at the South of Africa but actually directing them to look for worm and appropriate cloth and even making some great sum of money out of it.

You may sell one airline ticket or even none, but you will make most of your revenue from all types of things not necessarily directly connected to the travel itself.

That is the world online marketplace where you can basically help your customers or readers to find out about the things they need for their travel. You can even recommend them on specific accessories by writing a specific review not only about places or events but also regarding accessories they might be interested in.

We are going to deal with that section in depth when we are going to talk about Amazon, eBay, and other marketplace platforms.

Dealing with the Accessories section basically means to deal with everything. Let's say that your customer is about to go to a very important business conference in another country and he wants to leave a good but classy impression. A good and unique recommendation you may give him is a nice and branded Cigar pack.

If your customer is on his way to experience the wildlife of an African safari, then apart from supplying them a good review about the different binoculars they should consider you may also advise them that if they ever thought about buying a good camera then that is the point in time to do so. A safari trip is a great place for taking amazing pictures and getting the camera they always thought to have and to do so before the safari trip will be a very smart move.

Let us assume that your customer is actually a whole family on a long vacation. Lets' say that they are about to spend many hours on the road. There are so many gadgets and toys for the kids to enjoy in their seat at the car, plane, train or whatever. Make them think about that and make them understand that this is a big thing that they should take into consideration. Kids and long rides do not always go well together. Write them some reviews and recommendations as to the best solutions they can find online and here you are giving some great and helpful information to your customers. It may even be the best advice they received before going on the vacation.

It is truly so broad that your creativity must be at the front of the stage on that one. There are plenty of accessories you will be able to think of, but those unique winners will come out from your sick creative mind.

A museums tour in Europe will definitely require some kind of guidebook or art book. That is obvious. But recommending them on a nice opera show to go to and by that making the overall experience an uplifting and romantic will be that extra advice that no one else gave them. Thinking about that extra advice, information that no one gave them is at the hurt of good quality information.



One of the things travelers really need is information and I am not talking only about detailed information regarding trains timetable, and taxi contact numbers. Sometimes our traveler will look for more. They will want to know not only about places to be or visit but also about our impression about that specific place. Knowledge is therefore divided into two sections:

    Informative and detailed information: such information is something that will be very easy for us to gather from Google for our customer's convenience.

    Personal experience information: Such information must involve feelings and opinions and thoughts from your personal experience from and about specific sites and locations.

The travelers are not just looking to know where they can eat but what they are going to eat in each and every place. Not just what they are going to see and how to get there but more like what should be a must see and what will be the best way to get there. They will look for tips as to the weather conditions, is it going to be too windy? What is the level of humidity or is it freezing cold and so on. There are endless types of tips and hints that your travelers will look for and you are there to supply them whatever information you have.

You will supply them with the relevant information and then direct them to get the best travel books you used for a specific trip, maps and even to authentic and oriental cookbooks. Once your customers will be back from their vacation they will remember that you recommended them about a great oriental cookbook and they will come back to your site to look for it.

Using that method will require you to be familiar with a specific site or place with some kind of experience of traveling there in order to be able to have an opinion. Don’t forget we are here supplying our customers good quality content. If our content is not right or not relevant then we will be punished by bad comments and bad ratings on our site, blog or post.

This type of posts should be written by real travelers if one wants this post to generate high-quality traffic and then produce a good revenue for it. If you are not a real traveler, don’t worry, as we said earlier, there are plenty of other broad niches for you to get professional in and by that deliver good quality traffic that will produce you some great revenues and monthly passive income.

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