In every trip or travel, there is a need for accommodation arrangements. The main factors that a traveler will take into account will be the places you are traveling to, the nature of the travel, and the budget for that specific trip. Sometimes the hotel itself will determine the nature of your trip (a five-star hotel vacation for example).


Accommodation usually takes a big piece of our budget cake. It is counted by the nights and not by the days. Nights are counted starting at the time of checking in at the reception (differ from one hotel to another but 12 am for checking in and 10:00 am for checking out is usually the case)

Hotels mainly differ one from the other on two sections:

  1. Type of accommodation: 3/4/5 start, cheap backpackers motels, B&B, Camping, Vacation village, Club vacations and so on.
  2. Type of host: all meals included? Only breakfast? What other facilities we have on-site? swimming pool? Scuba diving club? Golf? Private beach? And so on.

Caravans and House Trailers

Caravans or House Trailers are usually equipped with all basic facilities needed for living on the road. From showers and kitchens to automatically opened decks for shading at times of parking. It is widely used for camping and family trip vacations. There are plenty of advantages you can find in traveling that way. You don’t need to get back to your hotel room, you don't need to look for a nice restaurant for dining and you can find yourself waking up with the beauty of nature. There is no need to pack and unpack every day or to go through the reception for every little thing.

Camping sites

Can be great for caravans and house trailers but not only. Usually will be used by backpackers and hikers that using tents.

More travel types

 Package Deals

Usually, we tend to think that a package deal is less expensive than building up the whole trip alone. That may be true in lots of the cases but not always.

Some of the travelers will find it much more convenient to get the whole deal together even if it is at a higher cost. Let's say you want to explore a scuba diving trip adventure at a remote location such as the island of Zanzibar.

If you will get a package deal that will include everything you need for this trip at your budget then you may go for it without any further inquiries as in such a case you may want to have it all at one place. Instead of finding yourself comparing different costs of flights, hotels scuba diving centers car rentals and so on, you will concentrate on comparing different package proposals that will include all you need.

Package deals may cover all types of travel. We can build a package deal for an American businessman traveling to Europe for a business trip or as we said we can create a new scuba diving trip type of a package deal.

We can build any type of packages we think will work the best for us. For example, if we know that a traveler to Montenegro, without a doubt, will need a car for traveling around the country as there are no other easy transportation available in the country, then we might think that it will be a good idea to include a car rental in that package deal. If we will go back to Zanzibar than to include Scuba equipment rental in that package and guided scuba tours will be a smart thing to do.

The list of packages we can create or build is endless and the list of attractions and utilities we may include is huge. You may even help our customers to get the special equipment they will need for their trip.

Let's say we are planning a hiking trip to New Zealand. We can then help our customers to find the right equipment they are looking for at the preparation stage of the trip. We can direct them to the right places to get what they are looking for such as the right shoes or the right backpack and to get our commission from directing that quality traffic to a specific online store such as Amazon.

Package deal prices vary between the ON and OFF season. Another factor that will determine the price of a package deal will be the time we are making the reservation. Not only the time we intend to go on our travel, but the actual time we are ordering or booking the travel package deal.

Prices will be significantly low if we will book our package deal right after its publication and will go and increase as we will get closer to the vacation. However, just like with airline fairs and hotel fairs the price eventually will go down at the last minute order.

Moreover, most deals are built on the back to back concept. That means that while taking a whole plane with families to their hotel location, to their vacation, it needs to come back full with those who just finished their vacation. Charter companies tend to do everything they can in order to fill up the flight and you may find great airfare tickets at great prices. You can even negotiate with the charter company on a regular base in a way that you both can benefit from a situation in which the charter company cannot fill up the plane and when you can supply him that traffic they are looking for.

Organized or Guided Travel Tours

Different people will think different things about guided travel tours. For some of you it is not the preferred way of travel but for others, it may be the only way they will choose to travel. Some of you may love the idea that the guided travel tours are construed on a fixed known budget. You know exactly how much it will all cost you.

One of the big advantages of the Guided travel tours is the logistics behind it. As a traveler on a guided tour, you worry about basically nothing. You are taken to and from your hotel and you need not worry about transportation. You get a travel guide that gives you all the information and explanations at sights. Those travel guides will educate you as for culture and tradition of the place and basically will give you an overall coverage of all aspects and administration of the trip. A lot of those guided tours will be under the concept of all included.

Travel tours sometimes fulfill the group special needs. A group of elderlies might need a medical doctor or assistant during the whole trip and a group of bickers will need extra equipment. So when building a guided tour travel the framework in which the organizers have to work with should cover all aspects needed for the traveler and not only the logistics behind the tour itself.

Winter and Ski Travel

It is a big industry around the winter sports especially in Europe and the U.S.

There are plenty of ski sites and resorts all over and all types of travel apply here as well. You may book your ski vacation on your own, to take care of your flights, hotels and other arrangements such as your ski passes, vouchers, and equipment. On the other hand, you may take a ski travel package that may even include a ski trainer if needed. It is all about the travel to decide and up to you to bring them the best deals or packages you may find or even build your own unique package.

It may be funny to categories Safari tours and Caribbean type of vacation as a winter travel, but it is. During the European and the North American winter there is a big movement of travelers who find it to be the best season to enjoy the tropical places. Hot countries are attracting travelers from all around the globe all year round, but during the cold winter, it is a great idea for an escape.

Business Travel

It is common to list travelers for the purpose of their travel. One major distinction is between leisure and business. This distinction between the two raised from the fact that at the basis of the travel the needs are different.

A business traveler is the one who travels from one place to another in order to do business. Your needs as a business traveler are different in their nature from all other types of travel. Dealing with business travelers are one of the unique niches there are as it seems that this type of travel is still operating under the old traditional travel agency. However, it is growing as there are no price differences between what the traditional travel agent can get and what you can find online.

It is true however that in the case of business travel you need special tools and knowledge.

At the basis of that, it is one of the great niches out there. It is still in its diapers as far as we are looking at the online marketing and there is a plenty of room to get into it. One other advantage that you can find in that niche is that we are dealing with the classic returned customer.

The business niche should be divided between the two:

  • Private business travel: Usually arranged by a private person
  • Company business travel: Usually arranged by one of the company organs.

Main and common needs of the business traveler:

  • Budget: Effective and convenient. To have all information regarding the travel details needed in one place with good accessibility
  • Flexibility: being able and being prepared for changes in the travel destination and flights.
  • Car rental: Location of car pick-ups, prices, types grades of vehicles, GPS


As general the business travel niche is a highly desired niche as business travelers tend to travel more times in a calendar year and tends to spend more money each time they travel. In most cases, the business traveler should be representative and therefore he will use the business class or even the first class for his flight and will book his night at a respectable hotel at a good location.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is a very special and unique niche that helps others to travel to specific places to get a specific medical treatment that they are looking for.

It means traveling abroad, usually as part of a whole package that includes everything a regular traveler is looking for from air flights and transportation to insurances.

In the past, only wealthy people could have enjoyed from this type of a niche as it used to be very expensive and unreachable for many. However, medical centers and sites discovered the great potential of making those special treatments available and reachable to all and lowered the prices of the treatments.

One of the great things there is for us as online marketers about the medical travel are that it is a very special niche for returning customers. If you find a great place with a great treatment for a specific medical problem than all you'll need to do is to direct traffic to that place. If your customers will have a good experience at their first travel than you may get yourself a lifetime customer that will repeatedly come back to you a year after year.

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