So if you got so far by reading and understanding all of the online options available to you then you most probably understood that is the answer to the chapter question of


'What we Sell'?

This can be answered by three words


We Sell Everything!!!


In that chapter, we gave you some basic information as to the different types of travelers, and the different types of products we can supply to each and every one of them. We understood their various needs. Further on that course, we will learn:

  • How to look for the products we wish to promote 
  • Where to get those products from 
  • How to direct the customer to those products



Don’t forget that you are a supplier of information. You must be accurate and update. Your site, blog or post must contain quality content, a content that your reader is looking for. As far as you will be more creative it will help you not just attracting people to your site but also to get a better ranking and conversions.

It is all about conversions. We will build our traffic slowly and gradually. To get a high ranking on search engines may depend, mostly, on us and the way we promote our site. However, getting high conversion rate will solely depend on our content.


Good quality content is what your readers were searching for when they first typed in a keyword at the search window of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Give them that and they will stay at your site. The longer they will stay the higher the chances that they will surf your site. If they will love your content they will check your recommendations.

As we will see further in the next lessons, in many cases the conversion is not immediate. It is not rare that you will get conversions from your readers even when your reader did not execute their travel plans but still bought some online products as a result of your referral.

Your content will create conversions. Good quality content will also help you to rank your site better and higher in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Good quality content will produce high activity on your site that will tell Google and the rest of the search engines, that 'Hey there is a good site that people keep on looking for and keep on visiting'. If this is what people are looking for then we need to rank this site higher as we want to deliver our searchers the good quality content, the content that they were searching for.



Google, Yahoo, and Bing want to deliver the best results for all keywords search results. They know and understand that if they will not deliver the best results possible then we all will move to use other search engines and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

We are not building an Airline company or a vacation resort. We simply connecting people. That is what we do.

We connect people with the information they are looking for and by that they will reward us accordingly. For that good quality content that they were looking for and found on your site, they will reward you by following your advice and recommendations. For low-quality content, they will not reward you at all and soon you will find yourself all alone out there deep down at the search engines. There is no use for us to be ranked in a position where we can not produce conversions. Once again, if there will be no quality traffic than there will be no conversions and good conversions you will only get through high-quality content.

Be creative, be interesting and keep your readers attention. You should use as many resources that you can that will keep your targeted reader's attention.

However, don’t shoot in all directions at once. Do it as we doing here in those lessons, a stage by stage. Not all at once as we don’t have enough knowledge yet to be able to control it all.



Saying that it is still doesn’t mean that we are not going to use other creative instruments to help us get the quality traffic we are looking for. We are going to talk about YouTube and Google+ as they are going to be a vey helpfull instruments.

Google, as a leading search engine with over 60% of all world web searchers, owns YouTube. Because of that, it is just natural that they will pay a bit more attention to what is going on over there.

Google will want also to put YouTube and Google+ relevant pages at their front window. They control and manage the way YouTube finds for us what we are looking for over there and by that, they know how YouTube can bring us some good results. If you can make good quality traffic on YouTube than Google will sometimes rank your YouTube channel or linked video higher than your actual site.

Moreover, YouTube in itself is a wide-open search engine for itself. A good video may produce good conversion at the end of the process. Linking your YouTube video to your website, blog or post will influence both and will influence their ranking in Google.


Embedding your video on your site will keep your visitors longer on your site. Keep your video interesting in a way that will make them watch it all. Google identifying and analyzing the things that the visitor is actually doing at your site and one of the major ones is the time they spent on the site. Having an interesting video on the front page, a video that will keep them on site for two and a half mints will be a great sign for Google 'Hey. This site is an interesting one. People find this site interesting enough for staying for a long period of time. This site should be ranked higher'

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