If you want to build an online business such as a travel agency you will need to choose a platform. You want this platform to be good, friendly user and functional. Furthermore, you will want this platform to run smoothly on mobile devices and tablets. The platform you are going to choose should also be easy going for new users such as you.

We refer to it as a "website building platform" but it is actually a "content management system".  Those days there is no need to learn a lot of coding, internet design or computing language. It is not a difficult task for a beginner to build his own website. If we will try to put it in simple words then content management system is a user-friendly platform for building your website and managing your content easily.


There are many such systems we can use. We are going to learn all we need about how to build our platform using WordPress. WordPress is a leading system that makes it simple and easy for us to build, change and maintain our website with plenty of relevant themes and add-ons for our purposes. Although we are going to learn how to erect our platform it is more than recommended to go through the WordPress tutorials every time you face a problem. Those posts and tutorials together with a great help center will solve any problem you might face. It is the easiest and friendliest platform for beginners and perfect for our purpose.

But before moving on to WordPress you will need to do two things:

  • To obtain a Domain Name (yoursitename.com)
  • To register for Hosting (it is like connecting your site to the internet)


It is completely free to use the WordPress platform but both, a Domain Name and Hosting will cost you. This is one of those points were you get to invest actual money and not just your effort in your own business. However, those expenses are minor. Obtaining a domain name will cost you around $13-$16 a year! Going out for a movie will cost you more.

You can choose to build your site on someone else's domain such as yourwebsite.our-free-domainnames.com. There are plenty of places that will give you a free domain and even a free hosting but you don't want to do that. Owning your own domain name will look far more reliable and professional, but if you want to get started with minimum expenses as possible than do that. One of the best free site domains you can find out there is SiteRubix. It is possible to first build your own free website at SiteRubix and than to transfer it to your own domain. The reason for doing so is to rank better in search engines.

The same thing is with Hosting. You can find free hosting platforms but you will want to make sure that your website loads quickly and won't suffer any shutdowns for hours.

Try to keep in mind through the whole prosses of building your own online business that you are creating a brand with a brand name and you want it to be completely yours.


Obtaining a domain name and finding hosting for it is easy. You can check for availability of domains at Jaaxy and even obtaining it over there. You may use other sites to do so such as Bluehost. Both are affordable with good customer service.

The best place to get it all in one place is Wealthy Affiliate. We mentioned them before but this is the place to really understand what you can get there and how they can help you boost everything about your site. Apart from the basic tools such as keyword search tool, competition and domain availability they will make it easy for you to purchase your domain and host it. Actually, they will do so for up to 25 domains at the same price. At Wealth Affiliate you will get tons of information, relevant blogs, posts, and training.  Once again, to obtain a domain and host it will cost you. It will not cost you a lot but you want to get the maximum out of that expense. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will also be able to manage and control your website if you are using the WordPress platform for your website. On all aspects, Wealthy Affiliates will be great for you especially as a beginner.

Here is where you can read and learn everything you need to build your WordPress or SiteRubix. It is a Step by Step lesson that goes through all the major aspects. For the article click here.

So your next step, before moving on to WordPress is to obtain a Domain name and a place to Host it. Our best recommendation is to sign up at Wealth Affiliate where you will be able to do it all at one reliable and quality place. Once you are done with those two simple steps you will be ready to move on and build your site at WordPress.


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